Khansistent’, began its operations in two different fields of activity, that complimented each other, as we launched our 'IT services' and  ‘Construction and Civil Engineering’ activity simultaneously.  While our ‘Information Technology Services’ spawned two other verticals of ‘Trade Promotion’ and  ‘New Media Services’, our ‘Construction and Civil Engineering’ division paved way to our entry in ‘Building Management Systems’ and ‘Interest Free Islamic Investments’.

Though our growth into newer and promising fields of activity might surprise many an observer, for the discerning the ’logic’ behind the progression would be easy to perceive, as each move we make is well researched and is supported by strong ‘rationale’  to provide spectacular long term returns. Again upon this strong base do we strive to demonstrate ‘Interest Free Islamic Investments’, with the two pronged aim of showing the benefits of the system and to wean the ‘General Investor’ in favor of this ethical system of ‘Economics’ beneficial to mankind.

As our IT services began with ‘Web Design’ solutions, it followed with ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization). And in this realm of SEO, we charted an entirely new course in focusing on "Content" to generate natural traffic, rather than sticking to conventional means. After painstaking research and eventual success, did we decided to launch an entirely new segment of ‘Trade Promotion’ and ‘New Media Services’. We ensured that these services complimented each other in more than one ways and became ‘Afterburners’ of ‘Khansistent’, giving the much needed extra momentum in times of need.

Similarly our initial foray into the realm of  ‘Construction and Civil Engineering’ eventually paved way for our entry into ‘BMS’ (Building Management Systems) as we found a lot of potential in that segment, where most players were catering to the needs of ‘high end’ corporate customers alone. With fast paced technology upgrades and mass production of individual components picking up, we see this area of technology pretty very much promising in steaming our growth.

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